From corporations to personal startup projects, we can design a prototype according to your specs and turn your vision into reality.


Quality is built into developing all of our products from inception, with each product designed for functionality and manufacturability.


Our team of engineers and friendly staff will ensure that all of your projects are developed efficiently and delivered on time.

Target Precision utilize the latest equipment available in the industry, such as water jet, laser and other cutting edge technology. Coupled with heavy plate capabilities and certified welding services, we are proud to bring you more than 30 years of diverse experience in the custom sheet metal fabrication business.

– From high volume production to prototypes, no job is too big or too small –

Precise, clean cutting and often does not require further processing. Ideal for carbon and stainless steel sheet metal, and intricate patterns. A fast, repeatable and highly accurate process which is ideal for high production runs. Not recommended for conductive materials like copper. A computer controlled high power laser beam is focused on the workpiece and the resulting heat energy melts or vaporizes the material. Any resulting molten material is blown away by pressurized gas during the cutting process creating a high quality edge. Creates intricate shapes and clean edges. 

Our in-house CNC machinery allows us to expertly mill, drill, tap, bore, turn, broach, counter bore/sink and thread your metals and plastic polymers.

Our automated CNC turrets can process the most intricate formed features, perforations and patterns with high speed precision.  CNC punching is the most efficient way to produce precision fabricated metal products with many holes.

Our highly experienced team of welding technicians can certify to any standards you may require. Our TIG and MIG welders have extensive experience in working with numerous industries and various strict requirements.

Whatever the material you want rolled and bended, be it aluminum, carbon, or stainless steel, our hydraulic double-pinch angle rollers and CNC roll bending can efficiently and accurately create material forms of either angle, bar stock, or tubing, with cross body sections that can either be round, square, or oval.

Water Jet Cutting can cut a wider variety of materials than either laser or EDM machining including reflective materials such as aluminum or copper with precision tolerances. We can process high production or single piece projects.


Quality Control

We pride ourselves on the high level of quality manufacturing we provide to our customers.



Our fabrication capabilities include welding, CNC forming, CNC punching, laser cutting, and more.


Paint Coating

We specialize in high-quality, high-performance powder  and liquid coat finishes for a wide variety of applications.



Silk screening is done in our own silkscreen department where our trained personnel provide quality printing.


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a cost effective process that produces precise, clean cutting and often does not require further processing.



Our highly experienced team of welding technicians can certify to any standards you may require.


Water Jet Cutting

Our water jet cutting machine can cut metal, copper, brass and titanium and many other materials.


Metal Stamping

Services include custom stamping, sheet stamping, short run stamping, and metal stamping.

“Target Precision provided me with the best service in the metal work I needed done for my company! I’m very happy with the results!”
Christina T., Senior Buyer, Metal Links
“Jim was a big help when I really needed him the post. He saves us a lot of money !”
John Melendez, Falcon Tools